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TRX Studio

There are benefits to using our TRX Studio. Beyond simply isolating and building up a particular set of muscles, TRX focuses on utilizing resistance for whole body movement in order to increase flexibility, power, and endurance. Rather than a set of weights, TRX uses resistance cables to challenge several muscle groups at once, simulating the dynamic kinetic movement involved in sports. It can also serve as a stand-alone regimen.

TRX is a more natural workout, as it seeks to imitate the total-body action involved in daily life. Using resistance cables, you can perform hundreds of different exercises in the same physical space to strengthen and improve flexibility in any muscle group.

The unique features of the TRX studio we feature at Gateway Hills include:

  • No bulky machines to deal with or wait in line for
  • Versatility of exercises that can be performed
  • Ability to scale the amount of resistance by simply shifting your body positioning
  • Combines the work of several separate workout apparatuses into one format
  • Can be combined with aerobic exercises like jump rope for complete training and sculpting
  • Benefits people of all levels of fitness

TRX was born out of a Navy SEAL’s need to maintain fitness abroad with limited space. In our TRX studio we combine the increased flexibility that yoga offers with the resistance workout of weightlifting machines.


TRX has broad appeal and is exploding in popularity nationwide. Come experience a total-body workout at our Gateway Hills Club TRX studio! You won’t believe what impressive results can come from a simple set of harnesses and straps in one of our TRX classes today.

Interested? You can come check out our TRX equipment or any other of our services when you call us for a complimentary one-day pass to our fitness center. We can help you reach your fitness goals and live a healthier life, so call us today!

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