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Mommy & Me

What Is Mommy & Me?

Mommy & Me is a workout class designed for mothers to work out with their infants/toddlers and for moms who are soon to be expecting! Our program is creative and dynamic to make it an experience for both moms and babies, and expectant mothers can receive modifications depending on the stage of their pregnancy. The class is designed to give moms a space to do something for themselves (as we sacrifice enough for our little ones!) while providing an opportunity to meet other moms without the stress of finding daycare.

This program is an excellent routine for both parents and their babies. It brings mother and child together, stimulates the child physically and cognitively, and keeps mothers healthy while alleviating aches and pains. You’ll also feel better, have more energy, and provides an outlet for you to leave the house without having to hire any babysitter or go to daycare. Mommy & Me isn’t just for mothers who just gave birth, either – it contains significant benefits for mothers-to-be like weight management, preparing them for childbirth, and more.

What’s so great about Mommy & Me is that it fosters personal growth, community, and other quality benefits while helping you reach your personal goals. Innovatively improve your health today! Stop by our gym to learn more.

What are the benefits?

As mentioned above, there are plenty of benefits for all involved: children, mothers, and pregnant mothers. We also welcome nannies, babysitters, and others engaged in a child’s day-to-day life. Consider Mommy & Me if you want to see the following benefits:

For babies:

  • Increased mobility and independence
  • Enhanced social awareness
  • Sensory stimulation
  • Better confidence
  • Continued language development
  • A healthy lifestyle from a young age
  • Increased muscle strength

For mothers/mothers-to-be/other guardians:

  • Social connections
  • Improved mood
  • Increased child/mother bond
  • A place to show children motivation
  • Getting out of the house

For moms-to-be:

  • Weight management
  • A chance of easier delivery
  • Lowers gestational diabetes risks
  • Improved mood
  • Back pain management
  • More energy
  • Increased flexibility
  • Improved sleep

And there are even more beyond the ones mentioned above. Visit Gateway Hills Health Club today and learn more about this exciting opportunity.  

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