National Family Health & Fitness Day is Just Around the Corner

National Family Health & Fitness Day is Just Around the Corner

September 26th is National Family Health and Fitness Day. Occurring every year on the last Saturday of September, this is an excellent opportunity to reconnect with the overall health of your family. Everyday habits from what we eat to how we move affect our being, and is often carried down through generations. As a team of registered dietitians in Nashua, NH, we understand how hard life’s challenges can sometimes be.

In this article, we’re looking at a few ways you can change your family’s unhealthy habits into good ones.


Toss away the white bread

We get it; kids love white bread – well, some adults too. But when it comes down to it, white bread is highly processed and contains several additives. With too much consumption, white bread can contribute to obesity, heart disease, and diabetes.  Next time your food shopping, leave the white behind and choose a bread made from whole grain.

With several options available, you’ll have your choose of seeded or not, gluten-free, and even tasty flavors such as honey wheat. While sprouted whole grain is the best option, 100% whole wheat and oat are also excellent substitutions.


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You bought them, now chop them

It’s true – if you cut up your fruits and vegetables, they’re more likely to be eaten. Why is this? Well, we’ll all love convenience, and grabbing a healthy snack on the go versus spending five minutes cutting it up is much more desirable. Be sure to stock up of fresh fruit and chopped raw vegetables over chips and cookies.


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Infuse your water

It’s often a struggle to drink the recommended amount of daily water. However, it’s essential to do so. By investing in a budget-friendly water infuser (whether gallon-sized or an individual water bottle), you can make drinking water more enjoyable. Experimenting is key here. Start with ingredients that speak to you and build your options from there.

For instance, watermelon, kiwi, and lime or pineapple, coconut, and lime are great starters that the whole family can enjoy.


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Shut off the devices and get outside

With the colder months settling in, being active can sometimes become a challenge. However, it’s crucial to aim for at least 30 active minutes every day. Whether you’re taking a family walk, bicycling, or sledding down your favorite hill, be sure to move, move, move!




By taking these first steps, you and your family can be on a better, healthier path. However, we know that challenges can be hard and our team at Gateway Hills Health is here to help you overcome excuses and health restrictions.

For more information or expert advice from our registered dietitian in Nashua, NH, contact us today at (603) 821-9168.

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