Understanding Hot Yoga in Nashua NH

Understanding Hot Yoga in Nashua NH

Staying healthy is a balance.  A balance between exercising and diet is the best way to achieve optimal results for overall health.  However, when it comes to working out, mixing up your routine is crucial.  If you feel like you’re routine is ready for some change, it’s time to consider hot yoga in Nashua, NH, at Gateway Hills.  Our format is designed to meet all levels while encouraging growth.

When considering the world of yoga, it may seem a bit overwhelming at first.  Although many people consider yoga to be a one sized fits all, that’s not the case.  There are several different types of classes, or flows, within the practice of yoga.  By educating yourself before committing to a class, you’ll know exactly what to expect.  In this article, we’re highlighting the four types of hot yoga classes taught here at Gateway Hills.

Hatha Flow

Also known as “moving meditation,” Hatha flow is a mindful routine designed to open several channels of the body.  The postures used during the class will align the skin, muscles, and bones with a particular focus on the spine.  Hatha will help to increase the energy flow throughout the entire body through a series of held poses and breath work.

Vinyasa Flow

If you’re looking for a more active flow, Vinyasa may be the class for you!  Through a series of poses, this practice moves at a faster pace with a variety of poses that transition seamlessly from one another.  Working and moving with your breath, your body and mind are harmonized as one.  Common benefits of Vinyasa include; core strengthening, balance, increased flexibility, and mindful breathing.

Power Flow

Taking the intensity up, when you come to power flow, be prepared to sweat! This flow brings members through a series of poses that are held longer than Vinyasa, focusing on strength.  More body-focused, one works with oneself to create the highest level of vitality and mindfulness. 

Yoga Sculpt

Designed to target the total body, yoga sculpt is a high-intensity, dynamic practice that utilizes light weights.  The combination of Vinyasa with resistance training and cardio provides the most intense yoga practice available.

Regardless of the practice you choose, yoga provides endless benefits ranging from improved sleep, increased flexibility, and overall body toning.  When you add heat, your muscles are prepared for a deeper stretch leaving you feeling even more rejuvenated through a cleansing yet gentle workout.  For more information on hot yoga in Nashua, NH, with Gateway Hills, contact our studio today at (603) 821-9168.

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