Benefits of Personal Training in Nashua at Gateway Hills

Benefits of Personal Training in Nashua at Gateway Hills

The new year has arrived, and people across the area are looking for options with personal training in Nashua.  From trendy boutique studios to mass-marketed gyms, the options can be overwhelming and pricey. However, now that you found Gateway Hills Health Club, your search is over. 

Beyond the extensive industry experience our trainers will provide to you, our club brings an innovative and approach and way of thinking when it comes to achieving your best self.  Not only will we help you to reach your fitness goals, but we’ll also help you understand how to get there.  Here’s a look at what you can expect when investing your time with our team:

Certified trainers that understand you

Unlike other gyms that claim to offer personal training with a professional staff, our staff is licensed and certified.  When training with us, you’ll be training with a team that understands you.  We take the time to listen and create individualized plans that will help you achieve your goals.  One size fits all just doesn’t fit the bill here at Gateway Hills Health Club.

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Affordable and effective options

If you’re like most people, the cost of a one-on-one personal trainer may be a bit out of reach.  That’s why we give you options.  Sure, we offer traditional personal training, but we also offer our members semi-private and small group personal training.  For as little as $79 a month, you can have access to an innovative and effective approach that you won’t be able to find anywhere else.

We keep you accountable

Working in a small group training session can give you accountability through group support.  If you enjoy working in a group setting that promotes encouragement and accountability, while keeping your costs down, then our classes are the solution you’ve been seeking.  When one person is missing from a group of three, you’re missed!  Sometimes knowing that is all you need to stick to the plan, unlike big gyms where you go unnoticed.

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For more information on personal training in Nashua at Gateway Hills Health Club, contact our team today.  We’ll begin our journey by scheduling your complimentary fitness assessment and consultation with one of our trainers.  From there, we’ll establish a customized plan based on your fitness goals.  Call us today at 603.821.9168 and start the new year out right.

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