What to Expect During a SurfSet Fitness Class in Nashua NH

What to Expect During a SurfSet Fitness Class in Nashua NH

If you’ve never heard of SurfSet fitness in Nashua, NH, you’re not alone.  Lucky for you, your team from Gateway Hills Health Club is committed to educating and bringing our members to the next level.  Led by an experienced and certified personal trainer, our SurfSet classes are some of the most innovative and challenging workouts in the area!

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What is SurfSet?

SurfSet is a new type of workout designed to take the body from a traditional, static workout to one that challenges your mind and body in new ways.  With the RipSurfer X, you’ll be meeting the demands of the most experienced surfers around the world, all from the comfort of our studio.  This innovative board simulates the movement of the ocean waves to provide users an experience like no other.

This intensive work out of high-intensity interval aerobic board training will burn maximum calorie levels and have you shedding those extra holiday pounds faster than you could have imagined. 

The RipSurfer X

Designed to engage your core while stabilizing muscles; your system will be shocked into creating a new you with the RipSurfer X.  Dynamic stabilization combined with a total body toning workout will require focus, control, and best of all, endurance. 

The RipSurfer X is a board designed to mimic and simulate the physical demands of surfing, but without the ocean. Adjustable to all levels, the RipSurfer is the only tool you’ll need to bring your mental and physical properties to heights that you’ve never dreamed of.  Well, maybe you have, and we’ll help get you there!

Targeted areas

As with any workout, certain areas of the body are targeted.  With SurfSet, you can expect to feel the burn within the following areas:

  • Core
  • Shoulders
  • Biceps and Triceps
  • Lower back muscles
  • Pectoral muscles
  • Hamstrings and calves

Working towards a stronger, leaner you, the program was designed to continually challenge without putting strain on any muscle group.  Beyond strength, you can expect to gain flexibility, high metabolic rates, improved coordination, and improvement with mental focus.

If you’re looking for a new way to bring your fitness in Nashua, NH, to the next level, contact the team at Gateway Hills Health Club.  With the new year knocking at our door, there’s no time like the present to kick those goals into full swing.  Call today to schedule your free day pass and experience the difference for yourself! (603) 821-9168.

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