Overcome Excuses to Improve Your Fitness in Nashua, NH

Overcome Excuses to Improve Your Fitness in Nashua, NH

Many residents in Nashua, NH, have fitness goals they want to achieve. Often, the intentions are good. We join a gym, buy new workout clothes, get a spiffy new gym bag, and eagerly look forward to our new, fit bodies. It’s easy to stick to a schedule at first as you ride the wave of the initial motivation. But it doesn’t take long before the hectic pace of modern life begins to overwhelm us, and the excuses start creeping in.

We have compiled a list of some of the excuses people use to avoid going to the gym, along with ways to overcome them here. Bookmark this page to refer to next time you feel like you might skip your workout to help you overcome excuses not to exercise.

  • I’m too tired – This is a tough one. But regular exercise can and will give you more energy. Try to plan a workout during a time where you tend to have energy, and after a few weeks, you will find your overall drive has increased for the whole day.
  • Exercise is boring, I don’t like it – Most people don’t actually like exercise, they do it for the benefits or the way they feel when their workout is over. It helps to find an exercise you like to do. You’re more likely to show up every day for a fun class than twenty minutes on the treadmill if you hate the treadmill.
  • I don’t have time – Sometimes when we say we don’t have time for something, we are saying that it isn’t important enough for us to make time for it. So don’t try to find the time, make time for exercising. Even ten minutes a day, while you watch television, will make a difference.
  • Sweating is gross, or, I don’t want to shower – You don’t have to engage in an intense and sweaty workout every day to gain benefits from exercise. Plan to take a ten or fifteen-minute walk during your lunch break every day and save the sweaty workout for the evening or weekend.
  • I’m not seeing any results – It usually takes time to see results from working out. Your body is making a lot of changes on the inside though, so be patient and keep at it.

Don’t see your excuse here? Find more excuses and how to overcome them in this article from the Heart Foundation!

If you don’t see results, it could be because you are on a fitness regimen that isn’t right for your body type, or that you haven’t adjusted your diet enough to create results. At Gateway Hills, we have a registered dietician who works with our trainers to provide a full personal training regimen for everyone who joins. If you want total body fitness in Nashua, NH, come see what we have to offer! Call today at (603) 821-9168 for a free day pass to experience the difference yourself!

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