How To Avoid Seasonal Weight Gain

How To Avoid Seasonal Weight Gain

The time has come. It’s November, and that can only mean one thing: the holidays are here. It seems like such a short jump from Halloween to Thanksgiving. It feels like an even shorter jump from Thanksgiving to Christmas. With Halloween behind us, the big, home-cooked holiday feasts are within sight. With such amazing festivities coming up, weight gain seems inevitable. However, it doesn’t have to be. Whether you find a spinning class or use a smaller plate, there are steps you can take to avoid seasonal weight gain.

Watch the Liquids

Most people don’t know that the drinks they consume contain calories just like the food you eat. Sometimes drinks can have exceptionally high calorie content. When you meet up with friends and family for holiday parties, chances are that you’ll share a few rounds of drinks, alcoholic or otherwise. Be sure to monitor how much of these liquid calories you’re taking in.

Portion Control

Going back for second and third helpings is the dream at this time of year. The best part is that you can. Nobody can stop you from eating until the food runs out. However, controlling your portion sizes is a key element in avoiding weight gain. If you know you’re a second and third helpings kind of person, try using a smaller plate. It is a visual cue that lets your body know you’re full.

Keep Moving

Don’t let sloth take control. No matter how cold it is, there are ways to keep moving. Physics says if you keep in motion, you’re more likely to stay in motion. Find a spinning class in your area. Get a workout buddy so you can motivate each other. Creating a workout routine that works for you is the best way to keep active and avoid extra lbs this winter.

Small steps make a big difference in your health. Find a spinning class, choose the smaller plate, keep active and avoid the unwanted weight that comes with holiday meals. For help keeping in shape this winter, contact Gateway Hills Health Club at 603-821-9168 or visit them online.

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