What Do the Best Health Clubs Offer?

What Do the Best Health Clubs Offer?

If you’ve ever considered joining a gym, you know that some are better than others. The gym down the street for $10/month probably won’t have all the same facilities and services as a higher-end health club. The old saying, “you get what you pay for,” comes to mind. By joining the best health clubs, you are ensuring your health is getting the attention it deserves.

Personal Training

All of the best health clubs will have personal training. The benefits of having personal trainers available are endless. For one, a personal trainer is a built-in support system. They have the knowledge of the layout of the gym, how to use the machines, and which exercises will see the results you want. At Gateway Hills, their personal trainers are nationally certified with degrees in exercise physiology and a minimum ten years experience. Health clubs with personal trainers go the extra mile to work around your schedule and optimize your workout every time.  


One of the most popular forms of exercise is yoga, and so the best health clubs will offer yoga classes. Different styles of yoga include Hot Hatha, Hot Vinyasa, Hour of Power, and many more. Yoga involves a lot of stretches and positions held to improve flexibility, balance, and core strength. Taking part in a yoga class allows socializing with like-minded people to create a community of support.

Cross Training

By combining a variety of different workout techniques in one class, you’re getting a variety of health benefits. Cross Training gets your body moving, so you practice endurance, strength, balance, and body awareness all at once. The cross-training workout reduces your risk of injury and helps increase weight loss. It’s been shown that cross-training improves a member’s overall fitness while encouraging members to continue returning to the gym.


Sitting on a bike and kicking may not sound like the most fun, but you’d be wrong. Spinning classes are a nationwide favorite when it comes to working out. This form of exercise works out your legs and core and improves your endurance as well. With energetic instructors and a built-in community for motivation, joining a spinning class is always the right decision.


Of course, what would a health club be without memberships? By investing in a membership, you commit to improving your health. That isn’t an easy feat. Memberships are the best investment you can make because it gives you all the benefits from classes, to personal trainers, to sports leagues.


So don’t wait. With services like these, there’s no excuse not to join Gateway Hills Health Club, one of the best health clubs in New Hampshire. For more information, contact Gateway Hills Health Club at 603-821-9168 or visit them online today!

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