How Spinning Class Benefits the Body

How Spinning Class Benefits the Body

Biking has always been a well-used form of transportation for years. Especially in urban areas where traffic is bad, or places with nicer weather you want to enjoy. The idea to bring a bicycle inside for workout purposes was an innovation that quickly gained popularity in America until Spinning Classes became a regular form of exercise. It’s no surprise seeing how spinning classes benefit the body. Here are a few examples of how a spinning class at a Nashua gym helps your body become stronger and healthier.

Increased Endurance

Who hasn’t gotten winded climbing a flight of stairs before? With spinning class, you won’t feel that as often. This form of workout is designed to increase cardio endurance so physical exertions don’t feel so draining. By increasing your endurance, you are increasing your cardiovascular health and lung capacity by extension. Spinning increases muscle mass which helps with muscular endurance as well.

Low Impact

Most aerobic exercises are high impact. This means they put a lot of pressure on joints and knees. Spinning classes remove that impact. Because you are sitting on a stationary bike, your knees aren’t supporting your full weight and are focusing on the workout. Low impact workouts are great for people with arthritis. For those of you who suffer from arthritis, consider switching up your run on a treadmill for a spinning class. For everybody else, the low impact of spinning will decrease the soreness of joints.

Stress Relief

Stress relief is one of the most enjoyable parts of working out. It helps you turn all that negative energy into a positive experience for your body. Spinning classes are run by an instructor to motivate you. This really gets your body moving, channeling all that stress directly into the workout and out of your body. Because spinning is done in a class, it helps you socialize too. Finding a community like this is another way to relieve stress.

Burn Calories

Cycling gets your body moving at a continuous pace. This movement burns calories in your body no matter what pace you’re moving. Spinning classes allow you to pace your workout how you feel comfortable. Even a moderate pace for an hour-long workout can help your body burn anywhere between 400 to 600 calories. Faster paces will burn more and slower paces will burn less. It’s all up to your comfort levels and it helps you get into the groove of spinning at a Nashua gym.

Build Muscle

Spinning focuses on your core, your buttocks, and your thighs. Working out these muscles gives you definition in your abs and lower body. For people trying to get ready for swimsuit season, spinning classes can help. By increasing and decreasing the tension of the stationary bike to your liking, you can control just how much effort your thighs and calves are exerting. Proper posture will get those abs looking great too.

Check out a spinning class in NH to get your body a quality workout. With benefits like increased endurance and calorie burning, spinning classes are a great way to get into shape. They also help foster a community of like-minded people who get you to keep working out at a Nashua gym. Gateway Hill Health Club offers spinning classes as well as hot yoga and personal training. Visit them in Nashua, NH or online here.

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