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When Is It Time for a Personal Trainer?

Plenty of Nashua gyms have similar equipment and setups. While that may work for some patrons, Gateway Hills Health Club’s primary goal will always be to offer a better, more fulfilling experience for people who are passionate about fitness. It’s what makes our gym one of the best around and we are proud of it. […]

Which Yoga Class Should I Take?

Everyone knows that yoga in Nashua, NH is a great way to get some exercise, feel great, and push your body to limits never reached before. It’s certainly an exciting prospect, and we’re always happy to welcome people into our Hot Yoga Studio. However, you still need to figure out which class is best for […]

Are you ready to experience our Cross Training Studio?

As we welcome warm weather, Gateway Hills Health Club is as busy as ever. In fact, we recently decided to make even more progress with our gym in Nashua, NH! Members can now access our Cross Training Studio. We couldn’t be more excited about this development, as our Cross Training program is a revolutionary regimen […]

Four Ways To Prepare For A New Class

Even though it can be fun to take part in quality classes, you sometimes want to challenge yourself, even more, when you frequent a health club. If it seems you’ve hit a wall and didn’t know what to conquer next, it may be time to join a new class. Not only does it make your […]

Four Reasons Why Our Memberships Stand Out

If you’re looking for a top-quality gym in Nashua, NH, every aspect of what they offer matters. Client service is crucial, and Gateway Hills Health Club is firm believers in treating our gym goers with the utmost respect and care. For that reason, we offer the best memberships around and are happy to provide them […]

Five Ways To Make A Class More Effective

One of the hardest things about maintaining a healthy routine at a health club is feeling stagnant. If you care about fitness, you want results, but you also want to be fulfilled by the end of your workout. The best results do come from consistent exercise, but it can be even better for you if […]

This Is How Gateway Hills Health Club Makes Exercise Fun

While everyone knows getting quality exercise on a frequent basis has nothing but excellent benefits, it can be hard to keep up and stick with the habit. Lots of exercise routines require repetition and specific timing or amounts. For those who like to be more creative or get bored quickly, that becomes a drag soon. […]

Why You Should Try New Fitness Classes

Achieving fitness goals is a journey that relies on dedication, care, and consistency. Staying within the course and continuing when the gets tough will deliver results, but it can often lead to boredom and lack of passion. Since wellness is a consistent goal, it demands repetition. So, what do you do when you don’t find […]

Three Ways To Shake Up Your Workout Routine

It can be hard to find the motivation to work out and incorporate it into your routine. One of the hardest things people who are new to fitness encounter in their journey is redundancy. A lot of people think they should do the same thing over and over because it provides results, but at some […]

Five Ways To Make The Most Of A Fitness Routine

Whether it’s because of stagnant motivation, lack of time, or lack of resources, it can be hard to construct a fitness routine that works for you in every way. Fitness journeys are never simple, but they’re always worth the effort. Part of that work is assessing your current routine and seeing what you can do […]

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